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About Oz Harte

Music, art & video production are My Passions

Oz Harte is a composer, songwriter, lyricist, published poet & author, visual artist, music video creator (Oz Harte Productions) and record producer (Mind Freeze Records). 



Oz Harte has produced Pop, Rock, Reggae, Croatian Pop, EDM/Ambient, Instrumental & Classical music.

2019 Highlights

Highest ever number of streams for an Oz Harte new release EDM: ‘3...2...1...Let’s Go!’ 

Nominated in Electronic & Experimental categories SA Music Awards.

UK Songwriting Contest 14 Certificates for 12 songs in categories of Pop, Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Ambient, Love Songs, Retro, Instrumental & Classical, World Music, and Lyrics Only.

Top 100 placement in "Listen Up Music Songwriting Prize."

2018 Highlights

UK Songwriting Contest: Highly Commended - EDM. Commended - World Music (Reggae).


Oz is an English born Irish Australian who understands Croatian! The moniker ‘Oz Harte' was chosen to reflect his love for Australia (Oz) and Irish heritage (Harte). 

Find Oz Harte Music

Oz Harte music can be found on most streaming platforms. 

Links for 'Need to Take a Break':

Links for 'The Greatest Beauty I'd Ever Seen':

Links for '3...2...1...Let's Go!':

Oz Harte on Amazon Music

Oz Harte on Beatport

Oz Harte on Deezer Music

"Need to Take a Break!" on Apple Music

"ANIMUS" YouTube Music Video


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